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Arizona Appliance Removal

Get Carried Away by Our Top-Notch Junk Removal Services

Get Rid of All the Clutter Now

Holding on to old and broken appliances, decommissioned equipment, and obsolete machines is never a good thing to do. The more you do this, the more precious storage space you mindlessly devote to useless things. Stop all this impractical hoarding and call Arizona Appliance Removal now.

Wave Goodbye to Your Dust Collectors

Once you ask us for assistance, we come over to pick up and haul away all the hazardous and worthless items collecting dust in your homes and workplaces. We take charge of disposing of them properly and in eco-friendly ways.

No need for you to worry about moving any bulky item about and loading them up to the truck. We'll do it all for you, safely and efficiently.

Get Rid of Clutter, Eliminate Health Risks

Unused items sitting in attics, basements, work areas, and living spaces for too long can soon become breeding ground for pests, mold, and other forms of infestation. This can harm certain areas in the house or workplace when left unchecked.

Airborne mold and dust can also cause respiratory and skin diseases when people are exposed to them for long periods of time. Think proactively when dealing with hazardous clutter. Do the right thing: remove all junk as soon as possible.

 Junk for Recycling or Upcycling 

Sentimental value is a lie. When machines die, you say goodbye.

Allow us to dispose of them in a creative and resourceful earth friendly green way.

Things that get broken beyond repair, or those that become obsolete, can be recycled or upcycled. We eagerly bring recyclable items to facilities specializing in these endeavors.


Schedule a Pickup Today

Call Arizona Appliance Removal to schedule pickups now. We travel valley wide all around Phoenix, Arizona, and the neighboring cities hauling junk appliances and trash away.

For an affordable fee, we make your homes and business properties clutter-free. 

About Us

Founded in 2010, Arizona Appliance Removal serves homeowners and business managers. Our company is led by highly experienced junk and trash disposal professionals who have been working in the industry for more than 9 years.

Our Mission

Here to help you deal with unwanted trash, we offer junk removal services following sustainable and earth-friendly junk disposal methods.

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